Can Dachshunds Be Left Alone?

can dachshunds be left alone

Dachshunds are of course really great pets, and they make for even better companions too. With that being said, most of us do have to go to work, and take care of other daily tasks as well. So, can dachshunds be left alone? Dachshunds should not be left alone for more than 4 hours. They … Read more

Can Dachshunds Live Outside?

can dachshunds live outside

Dachshunds certainly love exploring and adventuring outside, but you may have wondered whether they are suited to an outdoor life permanently.  So, can dachshunds live outside? Sadly, due to the breed’s thin coat, fragile build, and inquisitive nature, they do not make good outdoor dogs.  We’ll be going into more detail about why dachshunds shouldn’t … Read more

Why Do Dachshunds Reverse Sneeze?

why do dachshunds reverse sneeze

The first time your dachshund encounters a reverse sneeze can definitely be scary, both for you and your companion. However, it’s usually nothing to be worried about – all dogs get backward sneezes every so often. But you might be wondering why they occur and if there’s anything you can do to stop them. So, … Read more

Can Dachshunds Go On Hikes?

can dachshunds go on hikes

With their short, stubby legs and tiny stature, you might assume that dachshunds aren’t exactly equipped for long walks and treks. However, the dachshund was originally bred for hunting vermin, an activity that requires a lot of energy, so these dogs aren’t as unathletic as their appearance suggests.  So, can dachshunds go on hikes? The … Read more

How High Can Dachshunds Jump?

how high can dachshunds jump

The dachshund’s trademark characteristics are their long, sausage-like backs and short legs, which while adorable, can prove challenging for many activities, including jumping.  So, can dachshunds jump? Yes, dachshunds can certainly jump, even with their tiny legs. However, don’t expect them to win any long jump competitions – those short limbs won’t carry them very … Read more

Are Dachshunds Hypoallergenic Or Is It A Myth?

Are Dachshunds Hypoallergenic

If you or someone in your household suffers from allergies, you may automatically assume owning a dachshund is off the cards. Although dachshunds are not considered hypoallergenic, some varieties are less likely to trigger or aggravate symptoms in allergy sufferers. We’ll be going over the types of dachshunds best suited for people with allergies to … Read more

Can Dachshunds Eat Apples and Bananas?

can dachshunds eat apples and bananas

As you’re munching on an apple or banana (or any food, for that matter!), you may have noticed your dachshund dancing around your feet, begging for a nibble or two. As you probably know, there are a lot of human foods that are unsafe for dogs, including fruits and vegetables. So, can dachshunds eat apples … Read more

12 Common Dachshund Skin Problems

common dachshund skin problems

Like most breeds, Dachshunds are unfortunately susceptible to a variety of different skin problems, though many of them are quite easy to prevent, detect and treat. Here is a detailed rundown of the 12 common dachshund skin problems, how to identify them, and most importantly how to prevent/treat them for your beloved dachshund. Most Common … Read more