Is My Dachshund Pregnant? 7 Signs

is my dachshund pregnant

Has your female dachshund put on a bit of unexplained weight and been acting noticeably different? Accidental pregnancies are actually quite common with dachshunds, but how can you tell if your dachshund is pregnant? The most common signs that your dachshund is pregnant include weight gain, increased appetite, enlarged nipples, irritability, nesting behavior, and noticeably … Read more

Senior Dachshund Care Guide


Dachshunds are super loving and loyal, but as is the case with nature, just like us humans, dachshunds get older too and need extra care as they age. This is our detailed guide on senior dachshund care, to help your four-legged best friend stay healthy and happy for as long as possible. We want to … Read more

Why Do Dachshunds Shake?

why do dachshunds shake

One thing that you may have noticed is your dachshund sometimes shaking. So, why do dachshunds shake? and is it anything to be worried about? Dachshunds shake due to various reasons, with the most likely reason being that they are afraid, anxious, or excited, as well as shivering due to being cold. It could also … Read more

Can Dachshunds Drink Milk?

can dachshunds drink milk

Milk is packed with nutrients and has a lot of proven health benefits to both people and animals, it’s a common parental task trying to get our kids to drink milk regularly. But what about our beloved dachshunds? Can they drink milk? No, it’s generally not a good idea for dachshunds to drink milk. Most … Read more

Why Do Dachshunds Burrow Under Blankets?

why do dachshunds burrow under blankets

If you’re new to the sausage dog life, you may catch your dachshund burrowing under blankets, pillows, or even piles of laundry and wondering, “Why do dachshunds burrow under blankets? Is it okay and normal for them to do it?” Dachshunds love to burrow as they’re specifically bred for this behavior to flush out badgers, … Read more

Can Dachshunds Live With Rabbits?

can dachshunds live with rabbits

You’ve probably heard tales or seen videos of unlikely animal friends, including a dachshund being best pals with a rabbit, and wondered whether your dog and bunny could achieve the same level of friendship. So, can dachshunds live with rabbits? Unfortunately, dachshunds and rabbits don’t make suitable companions due to the breed’s strong hunting desire … Read more

Best Dachshund Names: Male & Female

dachshund names

So you have made the great decision of adopting a Dachshund (welcome to the club), and now have the tough choice of deciding what exactly to name your new adorable addition to the family? Look no further, we have put together an ultimate list of the best dachshund names for males and females to help … Read more