12 Best Dachshund Breeders in Texas (TX)

Finding a good dachshund puppy for sale in texas is easier said than done. You need to find a trustworthy breeder that raises the dachshunds according to certain standards, especially where health is concerned.

You also want a breeder that will raise the puppies in a way that will guarantee that they are well socialized.

We have done a ton of research and put together a list of the 12 best dachshund breeders in Texas, that are caring and trustworthy.

12 Trusted Dachshund Breeders in Texas

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Here, we have compiled a list of the best and most reputable dachshund breeders in Texas.

We have made sure to choose only the most reputable and trustworthy of dachshund breeders. We don’t do puppy mills! 

1. Texas Country Dachshunds

Here we have one of the most popular and trusted breeders of dachshunds in Texas.

If you are looking for a variety of miniature dachshunds, whether long haired or smooth, as well as a variety of colors and patterns too, then this is a great breeder to check out.

Texas Country Dachshunds even has the famous English Cream Dachshund available too. 

This is a relatively small family breeding operation that specializes in raising very friendly, well adapted, and socialized mini dachshund puppies.  With over 10 dams and several sires, this breeder has litters on a very regular basis.

Puppies come complete with a veterinarian checkup, a record of healthcare received (including deworming and vaccinations), AKC registration papers, some dog food, a blanket, a toy, and more.

Keep in mind that there is a $150 deposit required for all purchases. 

Breeders Details;

Name:Texas Country Dachshunds
Address:2231 Sulak Road, East Bernard, Texas 77435
dachshund puppies for sale in texas

2. Red Oak Dachshunds

When it comes to raising very well acclimatized and socialized dachshund puppies, Red Oak Dachshunds has a reputation for being one of the best dachshund breeders out there.

Keep in mind that this is a very small scale operation that does not have all that many litters per year, but that said, this operation is all about quality, not quantity. 

All puppies are bred with extremely high standards in mind, and yes, this breeder is registered with the American Kennel Club, and does not associate with any lower end or less reputable canine clubs.

All puppies come with a one year health guarantee and are hand picked as show dogs, hunters, family companions, and more. 

Moreover, all puppies have their first booster shot and are dewormed. All miniature dachshund puppies come with a five year health guarantee.

With over eight dams, many of which are show winners, as well as several sires, many of which are also show winners, this is indeed one of the most reputable and sought after dachshund breeders in all of Texas. 

Breeders Details;

Name:Red Oak Dachshunds
Address:200 Spring Cir, Red Oak, TX 75154
cute dachshund puppies playing outdoor.s

3. Muddy River Dachshunds

If you are looking for either miniature or tweenie dachshunds, then Muddy River Dachshunds is a great breeder to check out, a small and quaint family run operation.

One of the main things to keep in mind here is that this breeder breeds all dachshunds with families in mind. All dachshunds are bred to be friendly and mildly tempered, thus making them great family dogs. 

Moreover, all dogs are screened for their temperaments before being added to the breeding program.

Furthermore, all breeding dogs are registered with the American Kennel Club. Although not always the case, many of the breeding dogs used here come from champion lineages.

 This breeder currently offers both short hair and long haired varieties, and will soon be adding wire haired dachshunds to the mix.

These puppies are also available in a wide range of colors and patterns. It’s also important to note that these dogs are raised in a loving family environment and get to spend all day playing outdoors. 

Breeders Details;

Name:Muddy River Dachshunds

4. Blessed Doxies (CKS’s Dachshunds & Mini Cocker Spaniels)

This Texas licensed breeder breeds both dachshunds and miniature cocker spaniels. W

hat needs to be kept in mind here is that this breeder focuses solely on the health of the dogs, particularly when it comes to genetic issues as well as common health problems that regularly affect dachshunds.

Dachshunds are known for being somewhat unhealthy in the grand scheme of things, so this breeder focuses greatly on only breeding the very healthiest of dogs. 

What also stands out here is that this breeder makes all people sign quite a strict contract that guarantees that the buyers will do anything in their power to ensure maximum health and happiness for all puppies.

On that same note, all puppies come with a one year genetic guarantee, all puppies are held for 8 weeks before being eligible for sale, and all puppies are dewormed and have all up to date immunizations as required.

What does need to be said here is that this is actually a fairly large operation, so there are new litters quite often. 

Breeders Details;

Name:Blessed Doxies
Address:Mabank Texas 75147
piebald dachshund puppies

5. Dachshund Hall

Ok, so we are going to be honest here, because the website consists of a single home page with a couple of pictures, so based off the site alone, there is not much to go on.

That being said, based on dozens of overwhelmingly positive reviews online, particularly about the great conditions that the puppies are raised in, how nice and down to earth the breeders are, and how healthy and well socialized the puppies are, we figured we would add Dachshund Hall to the list. 

This breeder really does have stellar reviews across the board, so we have no problem recommending them.

From what we can tell, this is a loved and trusted breeder, a family oriented breeder that is all about producing friendly and loving puppies that are in the best of health.

We recommend contacting Dachshund Hall for more info. 

Breeders Details;

Name:Dachshund Hall
Address:1509 Caddo Peak Trail, Joshua, TX 76058

6. Select Dachshunds

Here we have what is quite a large scale dachshund breeding operation, although not a puppy mill by any means.

The selection of dachshund types here is very large, with a variety of miniature dachshunds being available, including English creams, clear English creams, shaded English creams, chocolate and tan dapples, black and tan silver dapples, chocolate and tans, brindles, black and tans, black and English creams, and many more. 

Select Dachshunds also offers all three coat types including smooth hair, long hair, and wire hair. All puppies are raised in ideal conditions for family life and for socialization, and only the best of parent dogs are chosen.

Moreover, all puppies are bred with family life in mind. Finally, this breeder is officially licensed in the state of Texas.

For more information, we recommend contacting Select Dachshunds using the contact info listed below. 

Breeders Details;

Name:Select Dachshunds
Address:583 Boggy Rd, Waskom, TX 75692

7. Dachshund Central

Dachshund Central is owned by a very reputable breeder who has been breeding dachshunds for over 45 years and is registered with both the American Kennel Club and the CKC, and is a supporter of the German Teckel Club and the North American Teckel Club as well as Dachshund Rescue Services.

To ensure that all puppies meet and exceed standards, all puppies are bred from pedigree bloodlines. All sires and dams are carefully selected to ensure the utmost of quality and health in every puppy. 

All puppies are kept for the minimum eight weeks, as all breeders should, and this breeder will actually start to train the puppies. All puppies come dewormed and with all of their necessary shots.

All puppies also have their CKC registration forms. The other thing worth mentioning here is that this is a very small breeding operation with just two dams and one sire, so litters are somewhat few and far in between. 

Breeders Details;

Name:Dachshund Central
Address:Dallas Texas 75235
tanned dachshund puppies for sale

8. Darlin Dachshunds

Darlin Dachshunds is a licensed breeder in Texas that is located in Louise, Texas. This is a breeder of both long haired and smooth coat miniature dachshunds, with solid colors, piebald, dapple, and dilute colors.

All puppies are bred to American Kennel Club standards and are registered with either the AKC and/or the CKC.

All dogs are bred from parents that are checked for genetic defects and for optimal health, to ensure that all puppies are as healthy as can be. 

Darlin Dachshunds is a relatively large family run operation that focuses heavily on playtime and general socialization, which is to ensure that all puppies have a great temperament that will make them excellent family dogs.

All puppies come complete with full CKC or AKC papers, along with multiple dewormings, their first set of shots, a full vet check, and a one year health guarantee on genetic defects.

With quite a few sires and dams, you can expect litters to be born on a very regular basis. 

Breeders Details;

Name:Darlin Dachshunds
Address:3611 FM 1160, Louise, TX 77455

9. Country Dachshund Kennel

This is another one of these Dachshund breeders in Texas where the website has fairly limited information, especially about the parent dogs.

However, based on the dozens of overwhelmingly positive reviews from happy customers, it is obvious that this small breeder takes excellent care of its animals. 

Reviews state that all of the dogs are very well taken care of and live in truly fantastic conditions and that the puppies are generally healthy and well socialized. 

Keep in mind that this is a breeder of miniature dachshunds exclusively. The owner and operator, Lisa Perez, is loved in her community and highly regarded as a professional dachshund breeder.

Keep in mind that these mini doxies come in all coat types, as well as most colors and patterns.  

Breeders Details;

Name:Country Dachshund Kennel
Address:Ganado, Texas

10. Mini Datsun

If you are looking for a small and reputable breeder of miniature dachshunds in Texas, then Mini Datsun is a great one to check out.

This is a relatively small family run operation that has 7 dams and a single sire, and all of the parent dogs are chosen based on their health and genetic traits, thus ensuring that all puppies are as healthy as they can be. 

This breeder has both long hair and short hair doxies, in red, black and tan, chocolate, piebald, and dapple color patterns.

All puppies from Mini Datsun are either AKC or CKC registered, come complete with a pet contract health guarantee, up to date vaccinations and deworming (as well as record of such), the registration papers, and a toy with the mom’s scent on it. 

Breeders Details;

Name:Mini Datsun
Address:29611 E. Irvin, Huffman, Texas, 77336
Six Dachshund puppies

11. Nellie’s Doxie Depot

What we have here is a fairly large breeding operation run by none other than Nellie herself, a loving and caring mother of three who figured once her children were fully grown, she was not yet done being a mother.

Now, this is a large operation with half a dozen sires and about twice the amount of dams. All parents are raised and kept in a beautiful outdoor facility with state of the art sewage lines, heating, air conditioning, and more. 

What can also be said here is that all puppies are born and raised inside of the home, thus ensuring that they are healthy and well accustomed to family life.

All puppies have all of their shots and deworming done, and all puppies are registered with the American Kennel Club.

All parent dogs are also DNA tested to ensure that the puppies will be free of genetic defects. 

Breeders Details;

Name:Nellie’s Doxie Depot
Address:13045 Quail Ridge Rd. ~ Orange, TX  77632
Phone:(409) 882-4260

12. Dream A Dream Dachshunds

Dream a Dream is a fairly large operation that focuses on breeding, boarding, and it even has a show facility too.

If you take a look at their facilities, you will see that all of the dogs live in really fantastic conditions with plenty of open space, a whole show training yard, and even a swimming pool too. 

Although it may look quite sizable, it’s certainly no puppy mill, and moreover, it is also a family owned operation.

All parents are both OFA Heart and patella checked, all puppies have their age appropriate shots, they all have flea, heartworm, and tick preventative care, and they all come complete with a health guarantee. 

Breeders Details;

Name:Dream A Dream Dachshunds
Address:21630 Martin Ln, Pflugerville, TX 78660
Phone:(512) 799-6084


We recommend doing some more research into them before coming to a final decision, but rest assured we have only included reputable and trustworthy breeders in our list today.

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