Best Dachshunds Breeders In Arizona (AZ)

If you are looking for dachshund puppies and live in the state of Arizona, then you have come to the right place. We have done extensive research and put together a list of the 7 best dachshund breeders in Arizona.

Rest assured that we have only chosen the most ethical of breeders, which is in part why the list is a bit short.

We’re not going to talk about pet stores or puppy mills here, just the most trusted and ethical of breeders. 

Dachshund Puppies For Sale In Arizona (AZ)

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If you are looking for dachshund puppies for sale in the state of Arizona then here are 7 great options, and because the list is somewhat short, we have also included one dachshund rescue service.

1. Sonoran Doxies

If you are looking for a long haired doxie that comes in all coat patterns and colors, as well as the occasional smooth haired doxie, then this is a good breeder to keep in mind.

This breeder is registered with the American Kennel Club, and moreover, all puppies are also registered with the American Kennel Club. 

Next, this breeder has been in the business for well over 25 years, so they definitely have enough experience.

You do get full rights with your puppies, which means that you will have full show rights for American Kennel Club events as well as breeding rights.

Keep in mind that there is a $500 deposit required for all puppies. 

Although the information on the website is a bit scarce, we do think that all puppies come complete with all their necessary vaccinations and are also deal earned.

Moreover, all puppies come to complete with a veterinary health checkup. 

What really stands out about this breeder is that they are willing to take their puppies back under any circumstances if you are unable to keep them.

Do also keep in mind that this is not a huge breeder, so they only have a few litters per year at the most.

Breeders Details;

Name:Sonoran Doxies
dachshund puppies AZ

2. Sweet Cream Dachshunds & Goldens

What we have here is a breeder of English cream dachshunds, as well as golden retrievers.

Do keep in mind that this is also a very small breeder, so they do not have many litters per year, just one or two at the very most.

One of the things that really stands out with this breeder is how well the parent dogs and the puppies are kept and treated.

All of the parent dogs and puppies are generally raised indoors which means that they are very well socialized and accustomed to family life.

They get plenty of socialization from an early age. However, this breeder also has an absolutely massive yard, so all of the dogs get plenty of exercise and outdoor time.

Other than that, the website really does not list much information, but with that being said, it is safe to assume that all dogs come complete with their necessary vaccinations and are also dewormed.

It also serves to reason that all dogs come complete with a veterinary health checkup as well as a health guarantee.

Although, that said, the website does state that you need to email this breeder for additional information.

Breeders Details;

Name:Sue Glascoe
Address:Gilbert, Arizona
2 cream dachshund dogs

3. Triple D Doxies

Triple D Doxies is located in Show Low, Arizona, and these people have been in the business of breeding doxies for quite some time.

Now, you can contact them for more info, but that said, the website doesn’t have much on it besides a picture gallery, so figuring out exactly what you get here is a bit of a guessing game. 

That said, what we do know is that this breeder is registered with the American Kennel Club and that all dogs are also registered with the American Kennel Club.

We do also know that this breeder has both long haired and smooth haired dachshund available.

In terms of the patterns and colors, they have dapple, brindle, piebald, sable, red, chocolate, black and tan, and are currently adding more to the mix as well.

From what we can tell, this is a medium sized family breeder, not too large, but not very small either. You can expect them to have between three and five litters of puppies per year.

As far as we can tell, all dogs are treated like family members and are raised indoors to ensure that they are well socialized.

Based on the reviews of this breeder, you can also expect the puppies to have a veterinarian health checkup, all vaccinations, and to be dewormed by the time they get to you.

Breeders Details;

Name:Tiple D Doxies
Address:Show Low, Arizona
long haired dachshund puppies

4. 3 Playful Kennels

3 playful kennels is led by the main breeder, Amanda, and she has been in the business since 2007, so she does have quite a bit of experience in this area.

Keep in mind that here you will find mostly smooth haired dachshunds, although there are also some long haired options available as well.

Here, all parent dogs have been genetically tested to ensure maximum health, so that the puppies do not have any genetic health defects.

Moreover, all of these dogs are bred with the purpose of being show dogs, or in other words, only the highest quality of dachshund parents are used for breathing. These dogs have some serious pedigrees.

You can also expect all dogs to be registered with the American Kennel Club and for you to get full papers with them.

You can also expect all dogs to have all of their necessary vaccinations, to be dewormed, to have health checkup, and to come with a health guarantee as well. 

What also stands out about this breeder is that it has a reputation for being extremely ethical, as it only engages in the most ethical of breeding practices, especially as far as the dams are concerned.

All of the dogs, including both the parent breeding dogs and the puppies, are raised indoors around loving family, and are therefore ready for family life once they get to you.

They are extremely well socialized and don’t mind children and other dogs.

Breeders Details;

Address:Bullhead City, Arizona
cream dachshund puppy

5. Your Next Best Puppy Friend

This particular breeder is located in Tucson, Arizona, and her name is Debbie Bessett.

Debbie has been breeding dogs for quite some time now, and in fact, this breeder specializes in mini doxies, yorkies, and toy poodles.

That said, it’s still not a huge breeder, so you can expect each type of dog to have one or maybe two litters per year.

One of the things that stands out about this particular breeder is that all dogs are checked for genetic illnesses before they are bred with, and moreover, all dogs come complete with a one year health guarantee for genetic illnesses.

All puppies also have all their necessary vaccinations and are dewormed on a regular basis. They are even fed very healthy food and multi vitamins to ensure optimal health.

Furthermore all of the puppies are played with and handled on a daily basis to ensure that they are used to people and are also well socialized.

Do keep in mind that although this breeder specializes in three different breeds, in no way is it a puppy mill. This is indeed a very ethical breeder.

Breeders Details;

Name:Debbie Bessett
Address:Tucson, Arizona, USA
Phone:(520) 270-2761
smooth-haired dachshund puppies

6. Baby Bell Fur Babies

Here we have another multi breed breeder of dogs, and this includes miniature dachshunds, Boston terriers, and miniature and toy schnauzers.

We do want to be clear that although this is a breeder of multiple breeds, it is in no way a puppy mill, and they are recognized as being extremely ethical. 

This breeder is registered with several canine associations in the USA, and as far as the miniature dachshunds are concerned, they are all registered with the Canadian Kennel Club.

Do keep in mind that puppies do not come with breeding rights.

One of the main focuses here is the genetic health of all dogs, which means that all parents dogs have been genetically tested to ensure sound health.

Moreover, all puppies come complete with a one year health guarantee, they all have their first set of vaccinations, and they are all dewormed on a regular basis. 

All puppies also have their dew claws removed, and although some might not like this, their tails are cropped.

All puppies also come complete with a starter package that includes some chew toys and the food that they are currently eating.

Funny enough, the breeder’s name is Juanita Bessett (although whether she is related to Debbie Bessett, the above breeder, is not known). 

Breeders Details;

Name:Juanita Bessett
Address:Rio Rico, Arizona, USA
Phone:(520) 250-0415

7. Kaibab Dachshunds

Kaibab dachshunds is lead by Harmony, a friendly and dedicated breeder whom people really seem to love.

She only has positive reviews. Now, that said, she only has a Facebook page, and no website, and the Facebook page has super limited info.

For any substantial info, we recommend contacting here on FB messenger or via telephone.

As far as we can tell, Harmony breeds both smooth hair and long hair doxies, and they do appear to come in a variety of patterns and colors too.

That said, in terms of info on health guarantees and all of that other fun stuff, you need to contact her. 

Breeders Details;


8. Happy Tails Dachshund Rescue

Ok, so we love dogs and hate to see them abandoned. So, this is in no way a breeder of doxies, but rather a rescue service where people can adopt dachshunds that have been abandoned.

Of course, since this is an adoption service, we cannot provide you with any info about what you will get.

It all depends on the dogs that they currently have, and this could be mostly anything. 


Name:Happy Tails Dachshund Rescue
Address:2860 E Germann RD, Chandler
Phone:(209) 647-1251​


There you have it folks, the seven most trusted breeders in the state, along with awesome dachshund rescue service.

The list may be very short, but once again, keep in mind that we have done everything in our power to only provide you with the most ethical of breeders around.

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