Best Dachshunds Breeders In Wisconsin (WI)

If you live in the state of Wisconsin, and you happen to be on the hunt for what is quite likely the cutest dog around, the dachshund, then you have come to the right place.

Finding a good dachshund breeder that is reputable, fair, and compassionate is not always easy. With that being said, through ample research, we have managed to find 7 dachshund breeders in Wisconsin, and no, puppy mills are absolutely not part of the equation here!

Dachshund Puppies For Sale In Wisconsin

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If you are looking for dachshund puppies for sale in Wisconsin, then consider this your go-to list.

While there may be other breeders that also do dachshunds, here we focused on breeders who only breed dachshunds and nothing else. 

After all, we are here to provide you with a list of quality dachshund breeders that focus on producing happy and healthy dogs that meet or exceed all possible standards.

We aren’t going to be talking about chain pet shops, puppy mills, or unreputable kennels! 

1. Dressler’s AKC Miniature Dachshunds

Dressler’s is a very small breeder of miniature dachshunds in Wisconsin led by husband and wife, Gary & Lynnette Dressler.

This breeder is located in Beloit, Wisconsin, and services Wisconsin, Illinois, Minnesota, and Iowa. 

This breeder has been around since 2005, and it does everything to maintain and exceed American Kennel Club standards.

Dressler Miniature Dachshunds are bred with families in mind and are bred to be lifelong companions that exhibit loyalty, courage, and compassion.

These puppies are raised with love, as they are raised inside of the home of the breeder, thus ensuring that they are well adjusted to children, other dogs, and family life in general. 

All miniature dachshund puppies come with a one-year health guarantee, all puppies are vet health checked, and have received all age-appropriate shots.

The dachshunds available from this breeder include black & tan, brindle, and dapple smooth coats, as well as shaded red, English cream long hairs. Full AKC papers for both show and breeding are available.

Breeders Details;

Name:Dressler’s AKC Miniature Dachshunds
Address:Beloit, Wisonsin
three Dachshund puppies

2. Dawn Brohn Dachshunds

Dawn Brown Dachshunds is a very small breeder of dachshunds located near in Fon du Lac, Wisconsin, and is owned and operated by Dawn Brown.

This is indeed a very small family style breeder, not a kennel, which means that all dachshund puppies are raised inside with the family, which means that by the time you get them, they are very well acclimatized to both other dogs and children alike. 

All Dawn Brohn Dachshunds come with a one year health guarantee and have all age appropriate shots.

This breeder is all about breeding and raising purebred AKC miniature dachshunds, with the aim of providing clients with family friendly pets for loving homes. 

Breeders Details;

Name:Dawn Brohn Dachshunds
Address:Fon du Lac, Wisconsin
Phone: 630-664-9854

3. Starlight Kennel 

One of the biggest standout features of the Starlight Kennel breeder is that all dachshunds are raised to be very well socialized and acclimatized with both people and other dogs.

These dachshunds are raised to be family dogs. All puppies are raised with people inside of the home, and all adults are kept either in the home or in a heated and air-conditioned kennel. 

The Starlight Kennel is all about helping dachshund puppies find happy and healthy homes.

One of the advantages of getting a dachshund from this breeder is that it has a massive selection of short hair, wire hair, and long haired dachshunds of various colors.

All puppies come with a one year health guarantee as well as lifetime assistance. Starlight Kennel also offers services related to training, potty training, and more.

Keep in mind that all dachshunds from Starlight meet the AKC standard. 

Breeders Details;

Name:Starlight Kennel 
Address:Augusta, Wisconsin
puppies Wire-haired Dachshund

4. Hessenjaeger Wirehairs

If you are looking for wirehaired dachshunds that are bred and raised specifically for hunting, then the Hessenjaeger breeder is a great one to consider.

This is a breeder of AKC German Wirehaired Pointers and AKC Standard Wirehaired Dachshunds.

Now, this breeder does have a reputation for producing some of the very best hunting and tracking dogs in the whole state. 

Moreover, this breeder generally has one litter of pointers per year, and two litters of field standard wirehaired dachshunds per year.

All pups are well socialized and meant to be lifelong companions, but their hunting instincts are also very strong.

Moreover, you can also rest assured that this breeder does not sell puppies to brokers, multi-breeders, or to puppy mills. 

Breeders Details;

Name:Hessenjaeger Wirehairs
Address:W 892 State Road 23, Princeton, Wisconsin 54968
Phone:(920) 295-4174

5. Friel Family Dachshunds

If you are looking for a very loving and family oriented dachshund, then the Friel Family breeder is a good option to consider.

This is a very small breeder with just a couple of females and one stud, which means that litters are fairly few and far in between.

That said, what you get here are very high quality, happy, and healthy dachshunds that are bred and raised inside of the house, raised alongside small children and other dogs, and are extremely well acclimatized animals that make for excellent companions and family pets.

There is a non-refundable $200 deposit required for all dachshund puppy purchases. 

Breeders Details;

Name:Friel Family Dachshunds
Address:200 N 9th St, Mt Horeb, WI 53572
Phone: 608-437-1021
cream dachshund puppy

6. JL Doxies

JL Doxies LLC was started in the early 1990s with a single long haired dachshund that was bought from a pet store, one that nobody else seemed to want.

Liz, part of the breeder team, adopted the dog and began a long journey of breeding some of the cutest dogs around.

The goal of JL Doxies is to provide families with very loving, happy, and healthy puppies that are well socialized. 

As the website states, this breeder is very conscious about the safety and happiness of its puppies, which is why there is quite a lengthy face to face interview process where you will have to answer some questions, and this breeder generally requires references as well.

These guys only sell puppies to people who can prove that they will love and care for their dachshund puppies.

This breeder only has around 2 to 3 litters per year, but they are quality pups. 

Breeders Details;

Name:JL Doxies
Address:Central Wisconsin

7. Lexi’s Doxies

If you are looking for a fairly large breeder that offers plenty of selection and options, then Lexi’s Doxies is a good place to consider.

This breeder offers dachshunds in all three varieties, short hair, long hair, and wire hair, as well as in various patterns including wild boar, dapple, piebald, brindle, and English cream.

All adults used for breeding come from import and champion bloodlines, to ensure that all dogs exceed all quality standards and expectations, and to ensure that the lineage stays pure. 

The utmost caution is taken to ensure that there are no genetic defects.

All puppies are raised in a way to produce a very calm temperament that results in great family dogs. These are well socialized dogs indeed. 

Breeders details

We were unable to find an email address, physical address, or phone number for this breeder, but she is located in Wisconsin, and the website does feature a contact form. 

Breeder Details;

Name:Lexi’s Doxies


Now that we have covered all of the viable options in terms of dachshund breeders in Wisconsin, you can take a much closer look at all of them, do your own research, sneak some peaks at the available pups, and make your own final decision.

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