Do Dachshunds Like To Cuddle?

Spending quality time with your dachshund is one of the most rewarding things as a dog owner. It’s hard to beat a lazy day snuggling up with your faithful companion, but do dachshunds like to cuddle?

Dachshunds do like to cuddle as it makes them feel warm and safe, Dachshunds are known for being loyal and affectionate and they thrive on attention from their owners, whether that’s a belly rub, head scratch, or a cuddle on a warm lap.

cuddling a dachshund

Do Dachshunds Like To Be Held And Cuddled?

Most dachshunds enjoy being held and cuddled by their owners as it makes them feel warm and safe. The breed is known for their loyal and affectionate nature, particularly towards their favorite human. 

Dachshunds normally imprint on one person in their family, but that doesn’t mean they don’t enjoy the company of other people in their household.

However, if you’re lucky enough to become your dachshund’s best-loved friend, don’t be surprised if your lap is the only place your pooch wants to curl up on.

Dachshunds also enjoy nuzzling and burrowing under blankets, pillows, or any place that’s cozy and sheltered.

It’s thought that this behavior is linked to the breed’s hunting origins as they were originally bred for tracking down small animals like badgers and rabbits, both of which live in secluded dens and burrows.

Reasons Why Dachshunds Love To Cuddle

dachshund on owners lap cuddling

Many small breeds of dogs such as dachshunds are known for their cuddly disposition – that’s why they’re called lap dogs! But why do dachshunds love to cuddle? Here are some reasons why your pooch enjoys snuggles.

Hunting Origins

As mentioned earlier, dachshunds were initially created to hunt small animals such as badgers and rabbits due to their excellent digging ability and small size.

This allowed them to easily squeeze through tight burrows to retrieve their prey.

One popular belief for the breed’s love of cuddling is due to their hunting origins as they spent a lot of time down small, warm spaces, a behavior that is still present in pet dachshunds.

Warmth and Affection

A second reason why dachshunds like to cuddle is simply due to warmth and affection.

Your body heat makes your pooch feel comfortable and safe, while your presence provides them with the attention and comfort they seek.

Dachshunds are short-haired dogs, so the toastiness of a warm body and soft materials offer protection from cool air or cold environments. 

Spending time with their dearest pal is an activity most dogs enjoy, but even more so for dachshunds.

The breed is loyal and loving towards their owners, preferring to nestle down on the sofa with their companion rather than a long trek through the park.

happy dachshund on owners lap

Release of Oxytocin

Oxytocin (aka, “the love hormone”) is responsible for those warm, fuzzy feelings you get after an embrace, positive communication, gazing at someone you love or trust, etc.

It increases our attachment to someone and effectively lowers stress and anxiety levels.

This hormone isn’t just limited to humans – dogs experience it, too! Just as you feel happy and comforted by your dachshund, the same goes for your pooch.

When your dachshund receives attention and affection from you, they feel secure and loved.

That’s why many dogs stay close to their owners in scary or tense situations, such as during firework season or being at the vet’s.

In fact, there have been multiple scientific studies that have shown surges of oxytocin in both humans and dogs when they positively interact with one another, including cuddling!

Display of Affection and Emotions

dachshund snuggling owner

Although dachshunds can’t express their emotions through speech, they’re pros at showing their feelings through actions.

Dogs live in packs in the wild and form tight-knit bonds with other canines in their family.

That pack mentality doesn’t go away in domesticated dogs – they still view you as a member of their clan.

When you’re upset or sick, your dog will often watch over you and offer reassurance just like they would with other dogs in the wild.

Similarly, having a close bond with your dachshund will make them want to be near you at all times, which is why it feels like you have a second shadow when you own this breed!

Will My Dachshund Cuddle Up To Me In Bed?

Whether your dachshund will cuddle up to you in bed depends on their personality and the bond between both of you.

Although most dogs love sleeping in their owner’s beds, some pooches prefer to sleep independently in their own basket.

That said, it’s pretty likely that your dachshund will happily settle down in your bed – nothing quite beats the warmth and presence of their owner, more so when it includes a cozy and toasty surface to nap on.

Bear in mind that once you let your dachshund rest in your bed, it’s difficult to stop the behavior in the future.

Additionally, some dogs can become territorial or begin resource-guarding when allowed to sleep in their owner’s bed as they can view it as their property.

This occurs most commonly in dogs that don’t see their owner as an authoritative figure.

If you notice your dachshund displaying signs of aggression, whether that’s growling, snarling, or nipping, it’s important to address the behavior before it gets out of hand.

It’s also important to note that letting your dog sleep in bed with you can cause sleep disruptions as both humans and dogs have different sleep cycles.

Humans are monophasic sleepers, which means they nap for a single period over a 24-hour cycle.

In contrast, dogs are primarily polyphasic sleepers, so they will have several sleep/wake cycles per hour during the evening.

Your dachshund will probably be up and down throughout the night, which could wake you up if you’re a light sleeper.

Additionally, dachshunds are great little watchdogs and may alert you to any noises or suspicious activity.

While this is advantageous for when there is a strange sound, it’s more likely that your pooch will wake you over something unimportant like birds chirping.

Final Thoughts

With their small size and adorable faces, it’s only natural to seek a cuddle from your dachshund. And fortunately for us owners, dachshunds also enjoy snuggling with their humans! 

This breed enjoys spending time with their favorite people for several reasons, which we discussed in more detail above, including warmth, affection, security, and the dog’s hunting ancestry. 

If your lap is available, chances are, your dachshund will jump at the chance to nestle down upon it and snooze away in your arms.